Friday, 18 January 2013

Review: Park Avenue Beer Shampoo

Their are certain hyped products in the market which one is not sure about but still has a strong urge to try it. For me I developed that urge for this Beer Shampoo  !!! I had a hard time finding it in Delhi. Even I asked  my friends  to look around for it ... as I was too desperate to grab it !
Luckily i found it , so just not one I picked up two !! I loooooove the packaging and the smell of this product :))

Qty-200 ml


My take on the product-
I must say that if u love beer , then you should definitely try this shampoo ! It has the smell of beer but post washing it vanishes.
My hair type is normal and it suited me a lot. I did not use any conditioner after washing my hair with this shampoo still my hair has a natural and healthy shine. Not just me hubby dearest also loved it infact he was the first one to use it :) He told me he never felt that satisfied with any other shampoo before ! 

1- It has the smell of beer.
2- Attractive packaging.
3-Should suit most hair types.
4-Very effective.

1-Not readily available.

Overall rating - 5/5

Do I recommend it to others ?
Yes ofcourse ! Its a wonderful product and value for money. Worth trying !! I have been more than happy with the results :) 


  1. i will definitely try to search it in mumbai and lay my hands on it

    1. Oohh yes u must give it a shot worth trying !