Monday, 10 December 2012

Outfit: Blazer and Scarf

They say you live your life your once ,then why not enjoy joy every moment of it ! If their is any phase of life that I want to relive then that would be childhood, those were the best days of my life !! I never had to worry  about anything , mom took care of everything :) Taking swings was the best childhood memory , I still remember waiting for the clock to tick 5pm and I go out meet my buddies and take swings. Till today when I  see swings I look around and grab a chance to relive my old days.Today I met a old friend and we met for lunch , grabbed chole bhature , the ideal punjabi punch if you ask me ...heheheheee.... Their are certain dishes which I can have at any hour , one of them is this !

Post lunch we decided to take a walk at the park and when I saw the swings I just could not resist !!

Blazer- Vintage
Scarf- From Sarojni Nagar
Hairband- You Shine 
Fuschia top- Nike 
Bottom- Levi's


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks dear :) This is one of my fav blazer !

  2. You look very pretty! I love the outfit, especially the hair band!

    1. Thanks sweetie , these days Im loving vintage hairbands :)

  3. Nyc to c u wid swings...remembrng yor childhud memries great..u lukng gud as olways