Friday, 23 November 2012

Outfit: Kurta with color blocking

Hello everyone , I am back with another outfit post , first of all apologies  for not posting for a long time , I was so busy with Diwali then later my laptop crashed :( but now im back in action...
I am a little late in doing this post , but then this is what I wore for Bhaidhooj :)
I kept my look simple for the day time.

I was feeling a little low few days back.. but now I am just now very positive but super happy too , just got a call from one of my new client saying she loved the outfits I did for her , YAY !! I am supper happy :))
Sometimes you just need a reason to get back to life and I guess I have a lot of them now :)

Also I tried making Green Thai curry last weekend and I must tell you , it turned awesome , hubby dearest demands for more Thai Curry :)

Now that the winters are approaching I will be taking out my winter wear soon , ggggrrrr its so cold in Delhi now...

That's me and my cousin Atul :)

Batik Silk dupatta- From a exhibition at CR Park
Chandari Dupatta- From a local boutique
Blue metallic tights- Snowhite, CP
Phulkari jutti- MIL gifted, she got it from Amritsar
Aquamarine Necklace- From Hyderabad
Aquamarine earrings- The Jewellery, GK-II


  1. Very pretty! I love how the orange looks with white.

  2. love the colors together n u look fab <3

  3. sista bful as always... * TOUCHWUD*

  4. I love everything about this outfit! The colors..The textures... The Juttis...everything! You look beautiful :)

  5. M soe sis ek chance to dete..

  6. Aman why do u have to talk abt this here ?

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