Monday, 12 November 2012

Chit Chat with Kryolan Senior Makeup artist Ms Samantha

Last weekend when I was out with my friend in Lajpat nagae we decided to visit Kryolan City store and voila I was lucky I got a chance to meet their Senior Makeup artist from Italy Ms Samantha :)
She is here in India for a while conducting makeup workshop. I got the chance to have a chit chat session with her and I asked her a few beauty related queries ...

Kryolan says that makeup is a science and they study the client

1- What are the basic makeup products that a woman should have in her bag?
Samantha says in India people apply a lot of kohl so that's a must apart from a nice everyday lipstick,mascara and a blush.

2- Can you suggest everyday makeup look which can be done in 10 mins ?
Samantha say , Put a foundation, neutral eye shadow , kohl, macara ,blush and a lip gloss.

3- What are the essential beauty products that you suggest ?
Samantha Says, Underbase, foundation,eye shadows in metallics , lipstick, lip gloss , blush, kajal and mascara.

4-What lipsticks do you suggest ?


5- How to make the makeup last longer ?
Samantha says , use a underbase , its a wonderful product and protects the skin too.
Its priced for about 1000 , highly recommended !!

6- What foundation do you suggest for long stay ?
Samantha says, Kryolan Micro foundation smoothing fluid , its silicon based and does not even make the skin feel heavy.

These are priced for about 2200 

When I visited the store Samantha was giving makeup session to the team about how to make small eyes look big .

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