Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Medley practice day 2 & birthdays !

We have a very close knit family , we are always there for each other !
The second day of practice had more family members in attendance and we were more serious regarding our practice today.

 "The Nikku" adding spark to the medley !

I am so happy to see that Nikku  and Sona are catching up with the steps soon !

Payal looked so cute in Pink :)

Ok lets be serious guys !

Devika the born dancer practicing, I just think does she need to practice ? She is so good !!

This group did there drinking practice !

Yashika our item girl :P

Godfather also takes a entry !

Dekhaiye aab Titanic 3D main !!!

Yes I am Atul the groom and I am sober !

We love to pose!!

Lo batsman aa gaye !!

Bhua & Bindu Didi

The ideal bahu Simi bhabhi with Dadi

Humka Pini hai !!

The father of the groom

Hum sath sath hai !!!

Cheers !!!

The Soul sisters !

Five bday cakes for Mahesh & Kamal jiju

Kamal Jiju !

Mahesh jiju

Kyon ho gaya na !!