Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Medley Practice Day 1

My rakhi brother Atul is getting married on 16th April , so weekend now mostly would be practice days for us.
This trend of medley started with my wedding and now we try to do it on all the weddings. We are true Punjabis , we love to dance and enjoy every moment in life !

This post is dedicated to the set of cousins who are abroad ! Also this would a pic heavy post !!

The first day of practice is more of a get together than the actual practice , but Atul was very strict with everyone and every time he passed me he just kept saying remember I am your Rekhi brother and you have to dance !!

Our dance guru Sagar teaching Atul some moves !!

Sagar & Atul
Atul is the groom :)

The new jodi - presenting Vaibhav & Mukul

These guys can only concentrate on drinking and they might play the role of tree this time !
Look at my tongue I did not have orange bar!

The gang of girls !

We shall dance in a while !!

@VP jiju- Mare sasu maa bahut pyari hai :P

Thats me shaking a leg !

Me with Mona didi

Friends forever -VP jiju & Kamal jiju

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