Monday, 19 March 2012

Colorbar Nail Lacquer Blue Topaz Review

I had a mid-night craving to buy a mid-night nail paint. Going to 24/7 late night is like a ritual we follow when we want to grab a mid-night snack or when the sweet tooth demands ice cream !
I had been looking for a nice mid-night nail paint for long and finally got one at Colorbar.
To every girl cosmetics means a lot and there a certain obsession for a particular product, in my case its nail paint. I am regular with my nail paint shopping and love experimenting with almost all the colors , the brighter/vibrant the merrier in my case :)

For me nail paints shopping is like a instant mood uplifter....I really enjoy doing it !

Colorbar is one of the trusted brand of beauty bloggers and it has never disappointed me .. I love their products be it lipsticks , i-glide pencils, kajals, foundations and yes the nailpaints ! I love it all !!

#91 Blue topaz is a nice shade of blue with glitter effect and purple undertones.

Shade #91 Blue Topaz

This is how it looks on me ! I have applied two coats to achieve the perfect color.
Apologies for not applying it so neatly !

1- Long lasting.
2- The brush is decent.
3-Even coverage.
4-Quick drying.
5-Beautiful color.

1- Availability could be a problem.
2- Price Rs.150 is slightly on higher side.

Overall verdict- A very nice & bold shade for night outs.

Rating- 4/5

Recommendations- Yes if you are looking for a mid-night blue with shimmer effect then this will not disappoint you.


  1. i like the colour..nice review..

  2. pretty blue :) Is it thin,,how many coats did u apply

    1. It has a normal consistency , I applied two coats !

  3. nice & bright, rare to get such a vivid blue!

    1. i agree ,its nice to find such a nice & vibrant shade of blue ...