Friday, 3 January 2014

New Year Resolution 2014

First of all a very happy new year to all of you. Every year comes & goes and we make new promises .. set new goals to achieve , resolutions.. This is like a ritual that mostly all of us follow. What is important is that do we really achieve what we commit to our self ! A target is measured always by the achievement. So this year I have some realistic resolution list-

1- Fitness- More than teaming it as a resolution I would say it's going to be a lifestyle that I would follow ! There are certain things in life where you can't have a proxy & fitness is one of them ! To be fit its only you who has to channelize the thought process in the right direction .

2- Holiday- Me & my husband have not gone out on a break for a really long time now. We have couple of options in mind , so this year a good holiday will happen for sure !!

3- Eat Healthy- I am one such person who loves eating junk food , this year I have promised myself to restrict myself from eating junk and stick to a healthy diet.

4- Controlled Shopping - I am a shopping freak , this is no surprise for everyone ! I will control my temptations and buy need based products rather then impulse buying !

5- Stay positive & calm- I am very hyper person , I have decided to control my temper and stay calm . Also I want to put positive energy in my work so no thinking about the stupid stuff.

So what's your resolution list this year ?

This is my first outfit post for this year , its getting very cold here in Delhi .... gggrrrrr

Overcoat-Gift from Germany
Skinny pants-Customized
Scarf- Sarojni Nagar


  1. Love your coat... used to be my staple back in Delhi

  2. @Anks- Thanks babes its one of my fav too perfect for Delhi winters in Jan :)

  3. Love the coat and the lippy! :D

  4. No 4 is on my resolution list too....
    Lovely Coat & Boots dear! And that Lippy is just gorgeous on you :)

    1. @Richa- hi5 baes , wish u also control yr temptations for shopping :)
      Glad u liked the outfit and lippy :)

  5. aww,,,u look lovely sweethrt...Great resolution list
    how r u dear ??

    my recent one :

    1. @Tej-Thanks sweetie :)
      im doing good .. u tell how r things with u ?

  6. love the coat!!

    1. @My Unfinished Life- thanks dear , its one of my fav too !!