Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Outfit: Terracotta pants and vintage print shirt

Hello everyone seems like I am doing a lot of formal dressing posts these days.. but I promise I am going to do a fun post very soon !
I have been reading articles on relationships lately particularly where women are older than men ...have been hearing a lot about it these days , so just out of curiosity read in detail about it.
Ok, you all know I am married , and yes we are traditional....hubby dearest is elder to me :)
I was amazed to discover the facts of relationship where women are older then men...
There are so many aspects that could be discussed , but I think the most important part in any relationship is trust & compatibility , age is just a no. , isnt it ?
The most common reason why men fall for older women is that they are independent & clear headed. Also they get attracted towards the maturity.
Relationships are beautiful ....value the people in your life and make them feel special :)

Anyways coming back to what I wore at work !

I guess this is one of my favorite clicks till date, it was clicked randomly :)

I am very fond of wooden accessories :)

Necklace- Old Delhi
Bangle-Lajpat Nagar
Footwear-Hush Puppies