Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Cult-with or without ?

Last night we have invited some friends over for drinks & dinner at our place, just randomly we started a discussion about all these cults and followers. Almost in every religion there are various cults and followers.
Now how are these cults formed & who follows them ?
A cult is formed by us & for us .....

Almost every human being has problems in his/her life and look for possible solution for it. If money could buy everything then happiness would have become cheaper but that's not the case.

I know a bunch of people who follow Nirmal Baba,Nirmala Devi,Baba Ramdev, Aasaram Bapu, Bhram Kumaris etc .....

All these preachers have emerged from group of common people like us.

I have heard/seen many people who do a lot of things asked to be done by their respective preacher , and a lot of them make their money go into drain just because Babaji told them they will have a child. What a doctor can't give you , can a Babaji give you that ?

One should understand the possible answer the all all question we can only get from our self. Your subconscious mind knows solution to all your problems.

Always do good deeds,walk on the right path, respect , love,help others ,be honest ... then good will come your way.

If preachers say they are the messenger of god then why do they charge such a hefty amount as their consultation fee ??

Charity begins at home , look around there are so many people around you whom you can help and make their life better ....

You may opt for joining/follow cults if that gives you inner peace and mental satisfaction.Its all about your belief and faith...

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