Friday, 4 May 2012

Color Blocking !

Its Friday and I am already in the weekend mood , I wanted to a look which I have never done before, experimenting is always fun, isn't it ? I had got this georgette tomato red shirt from a long time but wanted to wear it differently and then finally yesterday I picked up a tank to mix match with it.Sometimes when you are not really in a mood of shopping but still you find nice stuff , yesterday was just one of those days when I headed the store without having anything in mind and got wonderful stuff ! Wow !

My tapori accent :P

I am sporting mint nails and loving it :)

Apologies for the image quality , it was very sunny here could not get better shoots, actually it was even getting difficult for me to keep my eyes open  !

Tomato red georgette shirt- picked up randomly
Stripper tank- Rue 21
Black flat footwear- Enroute
Necklace-Miss Jo
White watch-Fossil


  1. luv ur tank n ur hair looks so lovely :D

  2. Thanks samy , I feel in love with the tank at the first sight :p

  3. it's so colorful and bright
    loved your eye makeup sooo pretty pretty it is :D

  4. @Vish-thanks Vish, I love colors :)